A wonderful place to live if you are searching for a trendy, diverse, and energetic neighborhood in the heart of Philadelphia.

Welcome to Fishtown

An urban neighborhood in Philadelphia favored by foodies and hipsters.
Fishtown is a wonderful place to live if you are searching for a trendy, diverse, and energetic neighborhood in the heart of Philadelphia. The neighborhood's character is more influenced by live music, art shows, and crowded bars and restaurants. Those searching for an exciting, urban lifestyle should explore Fishtown and learn more about its cultural appeal. Fishtown has access to many subway stops on the Market Frankford train line, is accessible to I-95, and has some amazing views of the water and city skyline. Some of the best restaurants and breweries in the city can be found in Fishtown and residents can also  find many different live music performances. 

What to Love



Local Lifestyle

Fishtown began as a working-class neighborhood home to shad fisheries. Today, Fishtown is one of the most innovative and forward-looking neighborhoods in the city of Philadelphia. Hipsters, young artists, and creative professionals all enjoy living in an area of the city that favors growth, development, and change. The newest trends appearing in Philadelphia begin their life in Fishtown. Residents enjoy spending time at live music venues and art galleries. Numerous coffee shops, breweries, restaurants, and bars line the streets. The residents of Fishtown enjoy living at the epicenter of cultural life in Philadelphia. 

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping


Fishtown residents love starting their day with a coffee and pastry at La Colombe on Frankford Avenue. Enjoy a wide variety of beverages at La Colombe, including lattes, americanos, and cappuccinos. Frankford Hall is a festive beer garden and German restaurant with group seating. Enjoy warm Bavarian pretzels, spicy bauernwurst, and German ravioli. Many varieties of German beer are on tap and available in different serving sizes. Italian cuisine is available at WM Mulherin’s Sons. Wood-fired menu items include chili marinated Mahi-mahi, double-cut Berkshire pork chop, and whole spring chicken. An extensive cocktail menu is also available at WM Mulherin's.

Suraya, an award-winning restaurant, specialty market, and garden, is a must on your list of places to go. Serving modern and classic levant-inspired cuisine, there is sure to be something for everyone.

Many residents choose to attend live concerts and art exhibitions at local galleries. These entertainment options distinguish Fishtown as a neighborhood that values its artists. Many residents support the arts and enjoy living in a community that is home to many working artists. Philadelphia has a long history, and Fishtown is a neighborhood that bears the traces of that history in its architecture and design. Residents appreciate having these buildings restored, revitalized, and protected. 


Things to Do

Fishtown is a youthful, energetic, and creative Philadelphia neighborhood. Residents have many options available to them in this vibrant part of the city. Art galleries, live music venues, and bars are all popular places in Fishtown. One of our favorite things to do is to eat and drink your way through the neighborhood. Check these links for the best restaurants and breweries  in fishtown. 


Schools in Fishtown are served by the School District of Philadelphia. The following are some of the most notable schools in Fishtown: 

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