Fitler Square

Great restaurants and beautiful parks make this neighborhood popular among families and working professionals.

Welcome to Fitler Square

A historic part of Philadelphia with a central location easily accessible from other areas in the city.
Edwin Henry Fitler was once the mayor of Philadelphia, and this great neighborhood is named in his honor. The area today contains mostly residential property, and it stretches beside the Schuylkill River. Fitler Square also contains many features that remind residents of an older Philadelphia. Great restaurants and beautiful parks make this neighborhood popular among families and working professionals. Many of the residents in this area of Philadelphia take pride in residing in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in this great American city. 
The residents of Fitler Square and Rittenhouse Square are more traditional than other residents, but those who live in Fitler Square and Rittenhouse Square love having a more tranquil place to come home to during the evenings. The more active sections of Philadelphia are easily accessible from Fitler Square and Rittenhouse Square.

What to Love


Local Lifestyle

Residents of Fitler Square and Rittenhouse Square enjoy dining out at great restaurants, visiting corner stores, and exploring different sections of Philadelphia on foot. Both the park and the surrounding neighborhood bear the name Fitler Square. The lifestyle in Fitler Square is typical of a large metropolitan area. Residents live in a dense urban landscape filled with bars, restaurants, and shops. Most of the residents are working professionals or young families. Fitler Square is also one of the most exclusive places to live in Philadelphia — not as busy and filled with activity as other parts of Philadelphia, Fitler Square and Rittenhouse Square contain the best that Philadelphia has to offer its residents.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

One of the best cups of coffee in all of Philadelphia is served at Rival Brothers Coffee. Popular drinks available at this unique Philadelphia cafe include an americano, red-eye, and derringer. With multiple locations throughout the city, Rival Brothers Coffee is one of the best places to study, hang out with friends, and relax on a stormy day. 
Friday Saturday Sunday is located at 261 South 21st Street and features a full bar and an upstairs dining room. The tasting menu features many delightful offerings, but standouts include crudo, baba au rhum, and BBQ veal cheek. The drink menu at Friday Saturday Sunday offers cocktails, wine, and beer. Some of the most frequently ordered cocktails with unique names include Judgment of Paris, Thinking Machine, and Slant Rhyme. Vernick Food and Drink is in a revitalized brownstone and serves American food and strong cocktails. One of the best French restaurants on the entire east coast is Parc. Tuna carpaccio, salmon tartare, and escargots are just some of the exquisite dishes served at this fantastic restaurant.

Things to Do

Families, friends, and solo adventurers love spending time at Rittenhouse Square Park. The park sits in Center City and offers easy access to some of the best boutique stores and restaurants in Philadelphia. Residents find the park rejuvenating, and many historical sculptures and statues are on the grounds. Festivals every spring and fall make Rittenhouse Square Park a popular area among all residents of Philadelphia. 
A description of the park would not be complete without a discussion of the Rittenhouse Row Festival. Nearly 50,000 individuals come to this celebration of this area’s many great restaurants, entertainment venues, and art galleries. The Schuylkill River Trail is a wide trail that transverses Valley Forge. Comcast Center stands tall above the city, where residents can take in this majestic architectural feat that stands approximately 970 feet tall. The campus contains restaurants, shops, and public art installations. Children and adults enjoy exploring this fantastic campus in Philadelphia.


Schools in Fitler Square/Rittenhouse Square are served by the School District of Philadelphia. The following are some of the most notable schools in Fitler Square/Rittenhouse Square:

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